Monday, February 27, 2006

CARTOON CAPTION/ANTI-CAPTION CONTESTS CONTINUE! The winner of Contest #36 (pregnant-looking man talking to another man) is
"The ultrasound says it's a keg of Bud Light."
The victorious writer is Jude Person of Conception, Missouri. That has got to be the most fortuitous winning name/place combo to date!

The nominees for Contest #38 (dog dancing in living room scene) include
"That's the last time we brag about our kids."
by Gloria Feinberg of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My submission was
"Do you think the obedience school will accept our daughter?"
I think I prefer the other two nominees, from California (again!) and Connecticut. Check 'em out!

Meanwhile, in Anti-Caption Contest #39 (naked guy drinking on passenger airplane), the winner is ben, whose
"I lost my shirt in the market, but I took my pants off because my nuts were sweaty."
helped make of losers my own
“Of course I put toilet tissue on the seat before sitting down.”

"I don’t care what they said in that movie. I still savor Merlot!"

"Maybe our lives would be richer if we spent our flights reading instead of getting smashed on overpriced wine."

"Yes, I’m the guy in the Tammy NYP video…and I just managed to escape Singapore by the skin of my teeth. I am trying to travel incognito, so please don’t draw any attention to me until we’ve landed in Australia."

"Buddy, can I talk to you? I believe I’m about to hit rock-bottom. In the figurative sense, at the very least. But who knows? Maybe the literal sense, too. I don’t feel very lucky. You know, I’ve done things you wouldn’t believe. Wait a minute! Can I sell you the rest of my drink for five dollars? If you give me your address I’ll pay you back. I promise. Say, do you think the flight attendant will hand out those slipper-sock thingies? I think I could use a few. I’ve done things you wouldn’t believe…."
Caption Contest #40 and Anti-Caption Contest #40 (woman in bed with giant snow-globe) are well underway, with a very cool anti-caption pop culture reference from Mike with
"Saint Eligius? That's a stupid name for a hospital."
Anyone else know the inspiration for that one?

In other New Yorker news, Gothamist prefers a rejected Mardi Gras cover to the accepted Bush/Cheney/Brokeback retread critiqued by Teddyvegas as well as emdashes.

Image by David Marc Fischer using Samsung cameraphone

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David said...

"Saint Eligius" was the name of the hospital on the TV show "St. Elsewhere." Does that help? Dunno if it refers to something else more relevant to the cartoon. But they had many hospital beds on the show.