Thursday, March 16, 2006

BIZARRO NEWS. Come along with Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting and journey to another world, similar to our own yet somehow very, very different.
"I will bet you the best dinner in the gaslight district of San Diego that military action will not last more than a week. Are you willing to take that wager?"--Bill O'Reilly, Fox News Channel (January 29, 2003)

"The war was the hard part. The hard part was putting together a coalition, getting 300,000 troops over there and all their equipment and winning. And it gets easier. I mean, setting up a democracy is hard, but it is not as hard as winning a war."--Fred Barnes, Fox News Channel (April 10, 2003)

"Even in the flush of triumph, doubts will be raised. Where are the supplies of germs and poison gas and plans for nukes to justify pre-emption? (Freed scientists will lead us to caches no inspectors could find.) What about remaining danger from Baathist torturers and war criminals forming pockets of resistance and plotting vengeance? (Their death wish is our command.)"--William Safire, The New York Times (April 10, 2003)

"I doubt that the journalists at the New York Times and NPR or at ABC or at CNN are going to ever admit just how wrong their negative pronouncements were over the past four weeks."--Joe Scarborough, MSNBC (April 9, 2003)

"I'm waiting to hear the words 'I was wrong' from some of the world's most elite journalists, politicians and Hollywood types...."--Joe Scarborough, MSNBC (April 20, 2003)

"Now that the war in Iraq is all but over, should the people in Hollywood who opposed the president admit they were wrong?"--Alan Colmes, Fox News Channel (April 25, 2003)

"All of the printed and voiced prophecies should be saved in an archive. When these false prophets again appear, they can be reminded of the error of their previous ways and at least be offered an opportunity to recant and repent. Otherwise, they will return to us in another situation where their expertise will be acknowledged, or taken for granted, but their credibility will be lacking."--Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist (April 16, 2003)
Mission accomplished.

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