Tuesday, March 07, 2006

LETTERS: NICK SYLVESTER AND THE VILLAGE VOICE. The Village Voice has posted letters in response to the Nick Sylvester fiasco.

Here's a key letter, from Steve Lookner of Los Angeles, California:
I just read the article about The Game where Nick Sylvester, who I know, made up a defamatory and false story about me and used my real name, profession, and hometown in the article. I was never in New York on the trip he claimed and never performed the actions he said I did. I am incredibly upset about this and am currently consulting with my lawyer about legal action. I would also like a retraction printed.
And here's one from Herbert Marshall of Manhattan:
Put the Sylvester story back up: It will improve traffic to the website and it will let readers see what you're talking about. Some of your readers don't have access to the Voice by newspaper box; the only way they see it is online.
Compare and contrast.

Previous coverage here.

Photo: David Marc Fischer

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