Friday, March 24, 2006

OBEY THE COURT, GEORGE! When New York State Governor George Pataki needed some serious medical attention recently, he had himself transported from a hospital in Westchester to one in New York City. The doctors at New York Presbyterian Hospital eventually patched him up and sent him back upstate. Before he left, the governor spoke in Spanish to thank the locals who supported him during his hospitalization here.

So much for the lip service. The best way for the Governor to say "thank you" is to finally cough up the billions of education dollars that he has so far refused to shell out. As of this week, the state court system has twice ordered him to deliver the funding.

If Pataki runs for another office, whatever "education platform" he concocts should be considered in light of his decision to maintain a chokehold on city schools, which could really use the funding. The city kids growing up under his thumb deserve much, much better.

ADDENDUM Stupid me. The headline for this should have been PAY UP, PATAKI!

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