Tuesday, March 21, 2006

WHERE WAS I? My location has been ascertained to my satisfaction! Look out Debbie and David, 'cause Scott is on a roll!

The current standings:
8 Debbie
5 David
3 Scott
1 Trapezia
1 Myron
For the second week in a row, Scott gets to pick a Where Was I? format!


Debbie said...

You go, Scott-o!!

Scott said...

ah... that sweet sweet sound of "ascertained to my satisfaction"

please let's go old-school this week: straight-up photos, with perhaps an odd perspective or two?

--ever humble in victory; ever graceful in defeat.

Debbie said...

Humble in victory??? Scottie, are you for real? Let me refer you to your Sunday, March 12th comments. And graceful in defeat?? Two words for you there: green pear.