Thursday, June 22, 2006

NEW THOMAS PYNCHON BOOK IN DECEMBER! As usual, rumors are flying about what Thomas Pynchon's next novel might be "about." Could it have something to do with the city of Chicago? The late 1890s?? The mathematician Sofia Kovalevskaya??? But at least Penguin confirms that a new Pynchon novel will come out in December!

How does word of a Pynchon book get around these days? Apparently Steven Moore shared the news from Penguin [which, he informed me on July 4, he got from a buyer at Borders] on the moderated Gaddis Mailing List. That came to the attention of the Pynchon Mailing List on June 15. Black is the New Blood posted about it on June 16. A June 20 post at the blog edward champion's return of the reluctant noted confirmation from Penguin. I confirmed the confirmation yesterday, on June 21. Today, after about a week, the news is now starting to surface in the press.

So, if all goes well, I'm pretty sure I know which author I'll be reading later this year--even if I don't yet know the title or the subject matter.

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