Wednesday, June 28, 2006

SPEAKING OF CELLPHONE ETIQUETTE... Yesterday there was a cellphone incident while I stood in line to see the luminescent Louise Brooks in the famously sexy Pandora's Box at The Film Forum with live accompaniment from Steve Sterner. (The run is scheduled to end on Thursday.)

Woman A made a cellphone call to Listener X; Woman B asked Woman A to speak at a softer volume. While still on the phone, Woman A "talked back" to Woman B; after hanging up, Woman A continued to talk back. Now, I didn't think Woman A was all that loud...but I think Woman A was rude to get engaged in an argument when she was already talking with Listener X and Woman B had only made a request, and I think Woman A was also rude to pursue the argument after hanging up. Woman B had only made a request and left it at that.

All of that cellphone business almost distracted me from admiring a filmgoer who had gotten dressed up like Louise Brooks. I'm sorry I don't have a snapshot for you--you'll have to satisfy yourself with these.

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