Saturday, July 01, 2006

BOLLYWOOD BEATLES. The wonderful Sharpeworld site drew my attention to this Bollywood number: "Dekho Ab To" from the film Jaanwar (1965). With the club setting and the headshaking and all, the staging bears a strong resemblance to that of "Jan Pehechaan Ho" from Gumnaan (which also came out the same year) and Ghost World. That might be attributable to overlapping talent, including Herman Benjamin and singer Mohammad Rafi.


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gary said...

David, we have got to meet. I went to Jackson Heights after researching what Bollywood film was used in Ghost World and then bought a copy of Gumnam for ourselves. So many things you have posted have been things that both Tyler and I have commented on that we consider "so us". Perhaps a gathering with Dolph and Susan as well.