Monday, July 10, 2006

CARTOON CAPTION/ANTI-CAPTION CONTESTS CONTINUE! Well, sort of. The New Yorker Caption Contest is on hiatus for a week, giving folks extra time to come up with an idea for Caption Contest #58 (couple in bed in cubicle).

Of course, that gives me time to obsess over the number of "couples in bed" in the caption contest up to this point.

So...out of 58 caption contests, there are 5 "couples in bed" including:
Contest #7
Contest #13
Contest #40
Contest #53
That means about 8.62% of the cartoons so far have been "couples in bed." And I'm not including Contest #34 and Contest #33, though they're worthy of note in this context.

So can you blame me for submitting the following for Anti-Caption Contest #58?
"Hah. The more I read these great old New Yorker cartoons, the more I think our relationship could be in one. Look at how many involve couples in bed--just like the two of us! It's like we're in a situation comedy or something...."
Oh yeah--the Anti-Caption Contest seems to be taking a break, too.

Here is the current New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest breakdown by state, represented using a map format here.
12 California

6 New York (all New York City)
6 Pennsylvania

3 Massachusetts
3 New Jersey

2 Illinois
2 New Hampshire
2 North Carolina
2 Texas
2 Utah

1 Arizona
1 Connecticut
1 Georgia
1 Maryland
1 Minnesota
1 Mississippi
1 Missouri
1 New Mexico
1 Ohio
1 Oklahoma
1 Oregon
1 Rhode Island
1 Vermont
1 Washington, DC
Map Introduction

Thanks to Andriy Bidochko for Map Builder. MyMaps at

Image by David Marc Fischer using Samsung cameraphone

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