Tuesday, July 04, 2006

CONGRATULATIONS, BROOKERS! Back in December, BAT linked to the YouTube videos of Brookers, asserting "There's talent there!"

Now, as Entertainment Weekly reports, it turns out that Carson Daly's production company is working with the 20-year-old. Brookers says, "I don't really think that I have talent, I just like doing what I like to do." But Daly says, "She's sort of crazy, she's unique. That's the exciting thing--what can't we do with somebody like Brookers?" Way to go, Brookers!

In this video, made after the Carson Daly breakthrough, Brookers practices for the inevitable Oscar acceptance speech...um, whatever she's doing, she's really emotional. (It clocks in at 5'30".)


And here's something she's dedicated to the troops away from home. (It clocks in at 2'04".) The music's by Liam Lynch.


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