Friday, July 21, 2006

POWERLESS! I'm sorry I've let days pass without commenting on the ongoing power outage in Queens. Is this acceptable after 9/11 and the Big Blackout of 2003? There's something distressing about Mayor Michael Bloomberg admitting, "I cannot explain why we’re in this situation. It’s an intolerable situation." And where's George "Pay Up" Pataki? Search me!

Perhaps the crisis would be over had I blogged sooner about this. But at least Gothamist has been on top of it. And NY1, too.

Here's Andrea Batista Schlesinger on blackout coverage.

Here's existing on blogging as a form of blackout relief. Here's Escape to New York on experiencing one's first power outage in NYC. Lora at Total Narcissist writes, "There is nothing I can do about the situation except complain. Complain on behalf of my family and friends that live there. Complain that the Mayor hasn't been outraged enough to move things forward. Complain about the the negligence and steady stream of mistakes made on behalf of ConEdison."

Oh well. At least Lizbeth managed to get something good out of the experience. But what do you expect? She's from Argentina and constantly falling in love!

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