Friday, August 11, 2006

ASSES IN NEW YORK PRESS! If you pick up New York Press and browse through the advertising in its back pages, you're likely to behold the bared asses of Carlene, Desire, Heidi, Janette, Laura, Lenox, Luna, Miriam, Misty, Nicki, Sandee, Sandra, Stella, and Zoie. And let's not forget Jeff! (Here's the naughty online counterpart. And Jeff.)

But recently I've noticed something new in the mix. Issue after issue, the paper has run an ad beckoning readers to "Come join the NYPress team!" It asks this question: "Do you have the ability to asses a client's needs and develop strong relationships?" Yeah, asses. I count at least two of those asses in the Press this week, on pages 30 and 53. Be assured that I plan to assess the situation in the future.

Photo: David Marc Fischer

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