Sunday, August 20, 2006

BOOK, COVER. At least one friend has been talking about an upsurge of straight-seeming guys (say, husbands) who also seem to signal that they're gay. Here's Rachel Kramer Bussel on such phenomena. In part, she writes
If you're a girl but hate the color pink, are you a dyke? If you're a guy who likes to cook, decorate, and listen to Pet Shop Boys and the Go-Go's, can you still like pussy? These concerns can cause mental anguish for those who don't conform to either gay or straight stereotypes.
Not to mention the anguish for those who try to "read" them!

You can find a response to the article on this page.

Photo: David Marc Fischer

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ipodgrl said...

David, Thanks for this! I don't know how I missed it and it made me laugh.

I have terrible gaydar. My gay friends chide me about it.