Tuesday, August 22, 2006

HENTOFF ON THE MINUCCI SENTENCE. As I understand the story, Nicholas Minucci wanted to "defend" Howard Beach from Glenn Moore, who had come to the neighborhood with car theft on his mind. Minucci didn't call the police. Instead, he beat Moore with a bat, leaving him with contusions and two skull fractures. Minucci also stole Moore's sneakers.

Minucci received a 15-year sentence. According to Nat Hentoff, seven years were for beating Moore with a bat, but eight years were for Minucci's speech (using the word "nigger" or possibly "nigga") during the attack. I have no interest in defending Minucci, but I can't help but share Hentoff's concerns over the sentencing for Minucci's speech.

And now another "hate crime" case is unfolding.

Photo: David Marc Fischer

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