Tuesday, August 29, 2006

KATRINA: A DAY OF REMEMBRANCE. President George Bush has declared today a National Day of Remembrance of Hurricane Katrina. "I call upon State and local governments, places of worship, and all Americans to mark this day with services and appropriate observances," states Bush in his proclamation.

On this day of remembrance, Blog About Town recalls the leadership of the President himself during the Gulf Coast crisis...with the help of Jon Stewart and YouTube.


In his remarks about the Day of Remembrance, the President added this comment: "I also encourage all Americans to remember and support the continued effort to rebuild our Nation's great Gulf Coast." According to this AP report, Americans have already donated over four billion dollars. The donations "helped fill a tremendous gap left in the response by the state, local and federal governments," says a study cited in the article.

However, "one of the lessons learned for the future was that neither FEMA or the relief organizations were prepared for a disaster of this order of magnitude," says Patrick Rooney of the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University in Indianapolis, according to the article.

The website for Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke: A Requierm in Four Acts (showing tonight) includes links to Habitat for Humanity and these charities. Other charity links include
New Orleans Musicians Hurricane Relief Fund
New Orleans Musician's Clinic
Voice of the Wetlands

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