Monday, September 11, 2006


Congratulations to Seattle's Walker Robb, who scored the first victory for Washington with this top finisher in Caption Contest #62 (office scene with man watching woman ride another man like a bronco):
"O.K., let's wrap up and call it a day. I feel like we're losing our focus."

In Caption Contest #64 (man with giant #1 glove exhorting boxer), there are two candidates from California and one from Massachusetts.
"Two? Close enough—give 'em hell!"
Marcia Kaufman (Natick, MA)

"You've made me regret my purchase."
Erik Pinkelak (San Ramon, CA)

"O.K., good. Now, who's the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture?"
Harry Beller (Pleasanton, CA)
My loser:
"You'll see--Agassi will win by a knockout!"

In Anti-Caption Contest #65 (man siding with robots in a business meeting), the winner is TG Gibbon with
"Christ! why do you Jews always vote as a bloc?"
My loser was
"What can I say? Their right arms are extended and crushing my balls."

Caption Contest #66 is here. Anti-Caption Contest #66 is here.

Here is the current New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest breakdown by state. You can find it all mapped out here.
12 California

9 New York (8 from the Big Apple)

6 Pennsylvania

4 Massachusetts
4 New Jersey

2 Georgia
2 Illinois
2 New Hampshire
2 North Carolina
2 Texas
2 Utah

1 Arizona
1 Connecticut
1 Iowa
1 Maryland
1 Minnesota
1 Mississippi
1 Missouri
1 New Mexico
1 Ohio
1 Oklahoma
1 Oregon
1 Rhode Island
1 Vermont
1 Washington
1 Washington, DC
Map Introduction

Thanks to Andriy Bidochko for Map Builder. MyMaps at

Image by David Marc Fischer using Samsung cameraphone

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