Thursday, January 18, 2007

ART BUCHWALD (1925-2007). Today, despite being dead, Art Buchwald kicks off "The Last Word"--the new New York Times video feature about kicking off. Hearing Buchwald say "Hi. I'm Art Buchwald and I just died" is another lesson to the effect that, when it comes to comedy, timing really is everything.

Buchwald (like Erma Bombeck, who also suffered from kidney trouble) dominated the newspaper humor column several decades ago and also managed to get a prominent credit for writing Jacques Tati's near-wordless masterpiece Playtime.

Here's Buchwald's final column, which quotes a Burt Bacharach-Hal David tune famously sung by Dionne Warwick, set to YouTube video by 60otaku.

All thanks are due to Romanesko.

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