Tuesday, January 30, 2007

OSCAR SHORTS 2007! A sure-fire way to impress that special someone at an Oscar party is to go on and on about your favorite nominees--in the short film categories!

As I'm sure you know, the nominees for Best Documentary Short are
The Blood Of Yingzhou District
Recycled Life
Rehearsing a Dream
Two Hands
However, if you somehow didn't manage to catch all of them, you'll be excited to know that they'll be screened at the Museum of Modern Art on Sunday, February 18, at 2 pm!

But that's not all! In case you've missed any nominees for Best Animated Short--
The Danish Poet
The Little Matchgirl
No Time for Nuts
--and Best Live-Action Short--
Binta and The Great Idea (Binta y la gran idea)
Éramos pocos (One Too Many)
Helmer & Son
The Saviour
West Bank Story
--you can see them at the Academy Theater at Lighthouse International (111 East 59 Street) on Saturday, February 17, at Noon and 4 pm. (Call 888-778-7575 for more info and plan to arrive early to ensure admission.)

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