Monday, February 05, 2007


Even though I scored an Honorable Mention last week in Anti-Caption Contest #84, I returned to being a Total Loser this week in Anti-Caption Contest #85 (landsman Robert Leighton's cartoon of a businessman facing a couple in bed). The winner:
"My wife! My best friend! My laptop! My copy of Entertainment Weekly! My alarm clock! My lamp! My bed table! I'm pretty sure the glasses are yours."
My losers:
"Ah. Is this the right room for an argument?"

In this scene from CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY 2007, downtrodden ad sales representative Charlie Bucket (Tom Hanks) discusses the Golden Ticket with Grandma Josephine (Anjelica Huston) and Grandpa Joe (George Bush). Copyright 2007 Warner Bros. Pictures.

Over at Caption Contest #82 (Adam on cell phone, fleeing Eden) the winner is
"Listen, Satan, can I call you back?"
Bezan Madon (Old Bridge, NJ)
So New Jersey's third place position is now solidified.

In Caption Contest #84 (doctor confronting apparition in scrub room) the nominees are
"So sue me."
Daniel Crossen (Los Angeles, CA)

"So you're telling me I'm washing my hands for nothing?"
John Picinich (Bloomfield, NJ)

"Oh, yeah, like you had so-o-o much to live for."
S. N. Akeman (Eastpoint, FL)
Snakeman? The word "so" in each of the contenders?? Weird! Anyway, here's my loser:
"Don't you have something better to do during your out-of-body experience?"

Caption Contest #86 is here. Anti-Caption Contest #86 is here.

Here is the current New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest breakdown by state. You can find it all mapped out here.
14 California

11 New York (10 from the Big Apple)

8 New Jersey

6 Massachusetts
6 Pennsylvania

3 Georgia (includes two-time winner Carl Gables)
3 Minnesota (Minneapolis 2, St. Paul 1)
3 North Carolina

2 Connecticut (both women, both from New Haven)
2 District of Columbia
2 Illinois
2 Maryland (both women, neither named Mary)
2 New Hampshire
2 Ohio
2 Texas
2 Utah
2 Virginia

1 Arizona
1 Iowa
1 Mississippi
1 Missouri
1 New Mexico
1 Oklahoma
1 Oregon
1 Rhode Island
1 Vermont
1 Washington
Map Introduction

Thanks to Andriy Bidochko for Map Builder. MyMaps at

Image by David Marc Fischer using Samsung cameraphone

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