Thursday, February 08, 2007

DEPARTMENT OF BRILLIANT IDEAS DEPARTMENT. Through offline discussions, some of you might be familiar with one of my pet ideas: a Web-based program that can identify tunes.

Well, I've learned from NY1 that a company called midomi claims to have created such a marvel. If you try it, let me know how much you like the actualization of the idea which was mine. (This could've been handy when I was obsessed with "You'd Better Love Me" and "People Make the World Go Round.")

In related news, I still haven't been paid for suggesting that Casino Royale should be remade.

Want to try out midomi? Try these tunes....

Here's Shirley Bassey singing "You'd Better Love Me" from the neglected musical High Spirits.

Source (1:56)

And here's a Freddie Hubbard cover of "People Make the World Go Round."

Source (4:56)

Photo: David Marc Fischer


Mr. Timm said...

And what about my harping all through the late 1980's that "The Producers" should be made into a musical. Where are my props???

David said...

I just tried it with "Happy Birthday" and it worked just swell. In fact it seems to also return other people's search patterns (their sung songs as input). Now why did a song by Cold Play come up as the 8th result?

David said...

I just tried The Monkees theme by first playing the sample off of Amazon while the Midomi service records. Then I tried singing the first few lines. The former failed, the latter succeeded. I suppose it's all about voice recognition, especially since there is also that text search. Pretty cool though.

Prediction: very soon there will be a google search driven by this technology.

David Marc Fischer said...

Mr. Timm--Don't feel bad. I had a 100% share of that idea, and I still haven't seen a penny.

David Marc Fischer said...

Dave--Yeah, it does seem to be oriented towards vocals....Thanks for the feedback (so to speak).