Saturday, February 10, 2007

EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL. Musical Maven Myra went to see Evil Dead: The Musical and came back a changed person. Somehow she lured me into seeing one of the late shows on Friday and Saturday nights, when the audience "regulars" come back again and again a la Rocky Horror. And I laughed my guts out.

The Big Apple run of this bloody good show ends Saturday, February 17, 2007, so catch it before it's too late!

Discounts for many but not all seats (chopping the price down as low as $33.50) may be obtainable through Season of Savings (possibly also findable in a Playbill-style booklets at the tourist information centers around Times Square) and perhaps TKTS. I recommend central seats; sit up front in the "splatter zone" for the interactive experience.

Here's a clip from the infamous "possessed hand" scene from Evil Dead 2, the movie. Beware of spoilers!

Source (4:28)

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