Saturday, February 17, 2007

WHERE WAS DEBBIE? Debbie's location has been ascertained to my satisfaction! In a kind of role reversal, Scott swiftly and methodically determined the section of Manhattan--and The Other David narrowed the search even more--but it was Gary who swooped in to win the prize with his very first guess!!

Thanks to Debbie for contributing her photos to this challenge--for that she deserves her Gold Medal!!!
16 Scott (includes two bonus points and one unused WWI? credit)
9 Debbie (Gold Medal)
9 Dolph
8 Gary (plus one unused WWI? credit)
3 David (Bronze Medal)
1 Myron
1 Trapezia


gary said...

Debbie, This was a fun selection. Sometimes the most commonly seen items become the most invisible. (Case in point are the items on our refrigerator. As much as we "straigihten up" our house and make it child appropriate for company, the child-inappropriate magenets on our fridge get overlooked until one of the children is found playing with one of the dusty obscene thing. Or, we notice that a parent has quietly moved them all to the top of the fridge out of sight of little eyes. Anything on our fridge becomes invisible to us in a very short time, and thus why your choice of the "9" was great.)

I knew nothing about this sculpture so I was very intrigued to read your description of its genesis. Oh yes, and really great/fun pictures. I think they would be cool blown up, framed and hung as art themselves!


Debbie said...

Thanks, Gary, for all the sweet words. But, obviously, you had a quick eye for this "commonly seen item" which confirms my daughters' criticisms of my selection as I was photographing.

Good work and congrats on the swoop! And maybe we should be doing a WWI with pics of your fridge...