Saturday, June 14, 2008


Last night's 9:30 Loser's Lounge tribute to the Kinks (two more performances are scheduled for tonight) was a refresher in how varied the Kink's output has been. There were English retro numbers (yes, Deborah, "Village Preservation Society" was the opener, with some customized lyrics, and Julian Maile had the singing honors on "Waterloo Sunset"), the basic rockers ("All Day and All of the Night" featuring Joe McGinty, "Til the End of the Day" featuring Edward Rogers), the transcendently brilliant "Lola" (a semi-singalong featuring Eddie Skuller), and the also clever "Apeman" (featuring Nick Danger, whose performances seem to be aging like fine, or at least decent, wine).

Many Kinks songs revolve around edgy feelings—ome of the better performances either captured that quality or imprinted songs with it. So I liked the varying oddnesses of Victoria Liedtke's "Sunny Afternoon," Natalie Weiss's "Who Will Be the Next in Line," Wilder Selzer's "I'm Not Like Anybody Else," and Mike Fornatale's "Do You Remember Walter?" as well as fashionisto Keanan Duffy's "David Watts," abetted by guest guitarist Earl Slick. This wasn't one of the greatest Loser's Lounge evenings (partly due to the mixing), but it was a pleasurable enough journey with an authentic climax built up over the last several numbers, with a grand finale fusing "All Day And All Of The Night" with "Paranoia."

And Sean Altman, Connie Petruk, and Tricia Scotti once again shone out as soloists as well as backup singers and photographic subjects.

Nice dress, Connie—it reminded me of the Mondrian dress! Where did all those fashions go?

Next up for the Losers: Disco at Damrosch Park (Lincoln Center) on Friday evening, July 11, 2008.

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Photos: David Marc Fischer

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