Friday, August 15, 2008

Lincoln Center, Malcolm McDowell Salute Lindsay Anderson

Lindsay Anderson (1923-1994) was a key figure in propelling British motion pictures into adventurous, surrealistic, WTF territory in the 1960s. His If.... (1968), which helped moved the British boarding school drama into the age of rock 'n' roll, was also the debut of Malcolm McDowell, whose edgy, proto-punk student Mick Travis was a forerunner of his character Alex in A Clockwork Orange.

Over the next fourteen years Anderson and McDowell brought back Mick Travis two more times, in O Lucky Man! (1973) and Britannia Hospital (1982). The resulting Mick Travis trilogy is rarely projected in New York City, but this month you have a chance at seeing all three in order as part of the Lindsay Anderson tribute at the Walter Reade Theater. As you can see, the key is catching O Lucky Man! on Saturday night.
Fri Aug 15 9:00pm If....
Sat Aug 16 4:00pm If....
Sat Aug 16 8:40pm O Lucky Man!
Tue Aug 19 8:45pm Britannia Hospital
Wed Aug 20 1:30pm Britannia Hospital
Thu Aug 21 12:30pm O Lucky Man!
The salute to Anderson also includes screenings of McDowell's stage tribute to the director, Never Apologize, with appearances by McDowell and producer-director Mike Kaplan at the following screenings:
Fri Aug 15 6:15pm
Sat Aug 16 6:15pm
Sun Aug 17 1:30pm
Sun Aug 17 6:15pm
The full schedule (including screenings of movies by Anderson's idol John Ford) can be found here.

And here's a taste of the freakiness of If.... The blend gets weirder in O Lucky Man! and Britannia Hospital!


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