Tuesday, September 09, 2008

While Dan Was Away...

Back in August, Dan "Anti-Caption" Radosh took a vacation and irresponsibly left his terrific blog in the custody of a bunch of others, including yours truly and BAT contributor Deborah. I had a lot of fun contributing to the blog and collaborating with Deborah on a couple of very special posts. I also got a big kick out of reading everybody else's posts.

I think I noted here what was going on, but on reflection I probably should've encouraged you to check things out as they unfolded. Oh well. Anyway, to relive the experience, I recommend you start in the August archives on August 15 and work your way forward into the first days of September.

You'll find good stuff from everyone, but, for the record, here are my posts:
Today in "The Family Circus" (with Deborah)
Art Historians of the Future: The Artwork is Complex Shit
Obama-Biden: A Lookalike Ticket?
Today in "The Family Circus" (with Deborah)
Spanq? Quirigram?? Interroflip??? Curioso????
Protest Babes Worship Sun...and UFOs!
Gawker is Right
I also got a big kick out of this comic book-related post by TG Gibbon and the links to comic book cover galleries.

Here's one of the "Family Circus" parodies that didn't make it to Radosh.net.

Illustration: David Marc Fischer and Deborah Grumet

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