Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Vice Presidential Debate 2008

In honor of Sarah Palin, I will ignore the question of tonight's debate and focus on another topic.

I'm not in favor of term limits for city politicians, but I'm even more opposed to elected politicians extending tenure by overturning the limits. So yeah, I think Mayor Michael Bloomberg should not be able to get a third consecutive term—especially without a public referendum. We managed to survive without extending Rudy Giuliani's term, despite the chaos of 9/11, so I think we can manage to survive without extending Bloomberg's term, despite the cratering of greedy and corrupt Wall Street. And hey: If the mayor's so great, how come he didn't prevent the collapse in the first place and protect a major source of city and state revenue? Anyway, I believe that, under the existing law, try again after a one term hiatus.

Y'see, that's how our team of mavericks get things done at patriotic Blog About Town.

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