Thursday, January 22, 2009

Breaking: Chelsea Clinton Picked for Mother's Vacant Senate Seat

That's right: Last night, the Other Dave and I carefully reviewed the possible choices for New York's vacant senate seat and figured that the best pick would be Chelsea Clinton. Unfortunately, the Constitution of the United States requires the age of a Senator to be 30. Ageism? Surely an amendment would set things right! Or maybe that wouldn't even be necessary.

No word yet from the Other Other Dave.

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ROACH said...

what about the "other other other Dave"?
google "random dude" and ""
random dude should take hillary's seat.
the google ""
I'm the only veteran in the field of 20 candidates/ well- um 19 now, you know...I have more active duty time than our President, and Secretary of State. A junior Senaator with 99th seniority surely cant do any damage,nor make things worse, so the only way to go is up. Anyway- I've been in contact with the "other other Dave", and have indicated im ready, willing, and able to serve as Senator, and serve the Citizens of NY, and USA until they haul me out feet first. I am waiting for the call, but even so, You have a great guy for Governor as it is, and should Re-elect Governor Paterson for a second term. He's done a good job so far. why not?