Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Word of the Year 2008: Oops!

Dang. Over the past twelve months I put together a list of words and citations worth mentioning when considering the American Dialect Society Word of the Year 2008, but now I can't find it! Maybe I wrote over it when preparing my post on Barack Hussein Obama as the Name of the Year.

I can't remember all the words I listed, so for now I'll just mention the items I do recall.
Word of the Year Once again, the name Barack Hussein Obama.

Best Alphanumeric Blend 9iu11iani

Most Incriminating Alphanumeric Blend Client 9

Expression of the Year Lipstick on a pig. The expression was apparently hot in DC during the first part of the year before going national mid-year, and it was probably more applicable to what defined 2008 than anyone could have suspected.

Most Politically Abused Name Joe

Most Politically Abused Part of Speech The gerund. First, I noticed how Sarah Palin' left off the g in words ending in ing. But eventually I noticed that the trend was bipartisan. Apparently Joe the Politico is afraid that he can't connect with Joe the Voter without talkin' that way.

Lifetime Achievement An overdue award to the internet and cellphones for spawning myriad new expressions, including brb and lol.

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