Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The BAT Challenge: Playing Favorites

As you might recall, the nominees in Caption Contest 182 (Victoria Roberts's "totem pole cats") are
"Yes, Officer, they say he was about six feet four, with pointy ears and abnormally short arms."
Alexia Kauffman (Arlington, VA)

"I wasn't laid off—I just decided to pursue other interests."
Christy Yoest (New York, NY)

"Hello, YouTube? I've got something you might be interested in."
Judy Goldberg (Brooklyn, NY)
Which of the three is my favorite? One guess per player, with winning guesses (submitted by 6pm ET Saturday, March 21, 2009) getting one point each.

Anybody can play—just make sure you use a distinct moniker so we can tell you apart from the usual gang of players, such as Debbie and Deborah!


myra said...

#1 "..short arms"
at least, that is my favorite

Ellen said...

I'm voting for #1 also!

Deborah said...

I like number 2 - "I wasn't laid off - I just decided to pursue other interests."

Deborah said...

Oh wait - we're voting for your favorite, right? I will guess number 1 as well.

Debbie said...

I like #2 and being that you're a timely sort of guy, I'm guessing you liked #2, too.