Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Something for Ada Lovelace Day!

I've been asked to write something for Ada Lovelace Day—to be more specific, something about a woman in technology whom I admire. I've been persuaded, so I'm sharing this brief note about my neighbor, Myra, whom I admire.

Myra, who regularly participates in this blog, loves Broadway and also loves Apple. She knows from computers and regularly helps me with my annoying technology issues. (I try to keep them to a minimum, yet still they crop up over and over again! And by "issues" I don't just mean something like a problem handling files or fixing or buying or replacing a gizmo—I also mean my anxiety issues about those technology issues.) Myra's also been open to doing some last-minute Web work for a non-profit that desperately in need of her kind of knowledge and availability.

So on this Ada Lovelace Day I salute Myra, a woman in technology who's been extraordinarily helpful to me and others who are technologically needy. Come to think of it, she's also taken some of the burden off of The Other Dave, who has carried too much of it for too long!

Here's an Ada Lovelace Day video.



Debbie said...

Go Myra!!

Myra said...

Oh hey, thank you so much! I'm glad to have helped someone out.

David Marc Fischer said...

You're glad? I'm glad!!