Thursday, May 28, 2009

National Spelling Bee 2009: Round 11

Newbie Ramya Auroprem sadly spells amarevole with an i instead of an o. Ding! Well-done, of course.

Kyle Mou offers a glowing performance of becquerel. Aishwarya Pastapur gets a cheesy word—Caerphilly—and refuses to crumble. Illinois remains strong!

Kennyi Aouad spells palatschinken with a double l and falls flat as a pancake—but only in the figurative sense. He had a great run. Ding!

Kavya Shivashankar
gets a fairly common musical term: ecossaise. This should be no problem for her given her interest in classical music. And it isn't.

Newbie Anamika Veermani seems unsure about fackeltanz—another music/dance term, and she trips up. Ding! Great work.

Tim Ruiter shrugs off jacqueminot.

Down to four finalists: two male, two female, two from Illinois!

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