Thursday, May 28, 2009

National Spelling Bee 2009: Round 15 and Finish!

Aishwarya Pastapur gets menhir—a word I've known since reading Asterix comics as a kid! She doesn't get it, but she still has hope if the other spellers don't come through. But that's unlikely, IMHO. She's between a rock and a hard place.

In an almost ironic occurrence considering that Aishwarya is an old friend, Kavya Shivashankar succeeds with phoresy.

Tim Ruiter gets an arguably easy word: Maecenas. But wait! He spells it with a y instead of the initial a.

So now it's Kavya's chance. She gets Laodicean and seems to know it. And she does. She wins!!! And her friend Aishwarya ties with Tim Ruiter for second. Sweet!!

What a great run for Kavya, who's crying with happiness! Great showing, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

1996 National spelling bee champion Wendy Guey won after being in a position similar to Aishwarya. She missed "lacertilian" meaning lizard-like. However, strangely, the other two spellers missed as well. Later, she missed "kouros", a Greek statue. But the other speller missed (less unlikely on its own, but is funny that she missed two words). She eventually won.

However, all three spellers missing in a round has never happened since. The odds were indeed very low.