Sunday, May 17, 2009

Special BAT Event: The Phantom of the Open Hearth


Jean Shepherd is surely best known today as the creator of A Christmas Story. But to me he's the storyteller behind The Phantom of the Open Hearth, which aired on the PBS series Visions in 1976 and told the story of Ralphie at the time of his high school prom.

Come join me now as we travel back in time to see Jean Shepherd's The Phantom of the Open Hearth, brought to you courtesy of YouTube. Over the coming days, I'll post one after another in this space. (Part I has some kooky distortion (that looks pretty cool in the diner scene), but I understand that the quality improves after that.)

Keep an eye out for James Broderick—Matthew's Dad! And check out the time-tripping fashions, too. Perhaps not until Twin Peaks did styles from different periods again mix in such a fascinating way....

Source (10:00)

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