Friday, July 10, 2009

Billboard Synergy

Hey—look what Debbie noticed—a Vivienne Tam billboard imagine "reaching" into an HP billboard! By way of partial explanation: Click here. And I suspect the Harry Potter font must connect the tech "HP" with the wizard franchise.

The magic angle is on a line with the front of the Palace Theatre, so the image greets alert audience members leaving West Side Story who aren't too distracted talking about the show. Also visible from Duffy Square, it's a conversation piece for discount-seekers lined up for TKTS.

Photo: Debbie Glasserman


Debbie said...

Nice job with the research! I liked imagining that it was a billboard artist having a little fun, but that was highly unlikely.

Anonymous said...

That's my kid on the billboard! (the one reaching) I've only seen photos since we live in AZ. It's exciting the billboard is getting so much attention.