Friday, July 03, 2009

Breaking: Sarah Palin to Resign as Alaskan Governor

Presidential Campaign Expected Possible but Not Necessarily Inevitable

It's Christmas in July for Tina Fey! Sarah Palin has announced that she will step down as governor of Alaska on July 26. That's the date of a picnic when lieutenant governor Sean Parnell will take over the responsibility of defending Alaska from the Russkies. [NOTE TO ALASKANS: Make sure there are provisions for full succession, or you might end up with something like the New York State senate, which is stuck in Albany on July 4. And that's no picnic!]

The next Presidential election is scheduled for November 2012, so that gives Palin more than three years to sell herself to the American public by embarking on a Clinton-style "listening tour" and accusing late night talk show hosts of being perverts! [On the other hand, there are also reports that Palin has dropped out of politics, possibly with some negative publicity hanging over her head. At any rate, she could probably find a very lucrative niche on the conservative/right-wing circuit and avoid a lot of the hassles of politics.]

Let the fireworks begin....

Photo: David Marc Fischer

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