Friday, November 04, 2005

THE MORNING SNOOZE? Are you okay, Pat Kiernan? You're the king of NY1's morning news review "In the Papers," but today you just seemed to...crumple at the end of the segment. Sure, it probably segued into a Sleepy's commercial, but there's such a thing as going too far in the name of professionalism.

Kiernan's crumple, aired around 7:50 am, had vanished by the next cycle. But Blog About Town remembers....

Photo: David Marc Fischer


Anonymous said...

That was the "that Corzine story couldn't possibly have made sense to anyone" expression of an anchor who got temporarily tongue tied and thought that the commercial had already rolled. I'm healthy. (And usually save my nap for mid-afternoon!)


David Marc Fischer said...

Thanks for the good news. Keep up the great work!