Wednesday, March 15, 2006

KIDNAPPED AT KENNEDY! What's the worst thing you can imagine happening as you pass through Kennedy Airport on your way home from an overseas trip? Losing a pet? Not finding your luggage? Having to undergo a major search?

How about being kidnapped by United States agents, deported to Syria, and tortured while being kept under solitary confinement for a year? That's what happened to Canadian citizen Maher Arar, whose wife worked diligently for months to bring him back home to his family.

Arar, who was brutally beaten but never tried, filed for damages in a United States federal court in New York, where Brooklyn District Court Judge David Trager considered all that the man had undergone and then dismissed the case.

Nat Hentoff expresses outrage over this disturbing affair in the current Village Voice.

Here's how 60 Minutes II covered the story more than two years ago.

Here's a piece from the Toronto Star (September 21, 2005) and a report on Trager's decision dated February 17 of this year.

Here's an updated timeline from the CBC.

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