Wednesday, March 01, 2006

THE VILLAGE VOICE STORY THAT ALMOST ISN'T. The Village Voice's current cover story purports to show how women in New York have caught on to the "Secret Society of Pickup Artists" influenced by the book The Game. There's just one tiny problem with the article: Due to fabrications, it has been pulled from its place on the Voice website. Instead there's this Editor's Note: What Happened to That Cover Story?

If you want to read the article you can grab a hard copy or try this cached copy, linked by Gawker. [Ulp! The cached copy seems to have become inaccessible around the time of this post.] As noted in the Gawker comments, one of the subjects in the story already has a lot to say about it on her blog, The Truth About Cocks and Dolls. One of her points: Most women actually haven't caught on to the pick-up techniques of The Game. That might change pretty fast, but probably not before many more of the books are sold.

Meanwhile, the Voice continues to run a Help Wanted ad for an Editor in chief...on its Letters Page!

Photo: David Marc Fischer

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