Saturday, July 22, 2006

STILL POWERLESS! It looks like the Queens power outage might last at least a week.

Here's today's coverage from Gothamist.

Michelle Malkin opines, "This is a local story with some serious, nationwide homeland security implications."

Potato Cube writes, "I sympathize more with ConEd (the electric company) than the residents." (Potato Cube's self-description: "I’m a computer geek turned Army medic. I’m currently stationed at Fort Hood, TX, but originally from New York City. I’m married with zero children and one ferret.")

But another expat, Laura Kaminker of we move to canada, relates the current current debacle to the current debacle of 1999, when Con Ed intentionally cut power in Washington Heights in order to "protect" Manhattan's big businesses.

And Diane Pfadenhauer, Strategic HR Lawyer, suggests that the outage could have a detrimental effect on the workplace. Maybe someone should explore whether this would have been avoided if the folks at Con Edison had had a properly cooled workplace.

Previous coverage here.

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