Wednesday, August 23, 2006

ASSES IN NEW YORK PRESS: THE FOLLOW-UP! Back on August 11, I noted that New York Press had been running an ad asking "Do you have the ability to asses a client's needs and develop strong relationships?" I promised to assess the situation in the future, which is now.

The ad did not run in the subsequent issue, so perhaps New York Press finally assessed the situation itself and decided there was no place for "asses" in its own ads.

Asses could, however, still be found in the back page advertising. The latest assortment included returnees such as Carlene, Heidi, Janette (still "New in Town"), Luna, Miriam, Sandee, and Sandra. And Jeff. Also present: Alisha, Gina, Jacquelyn, Marcia, New Seductress, Nikki, and Xiara. (Here's the naughty online counterpart. And Jeff.)

Photo: David Marc Fischer

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