Monday, June 23, 2008


Let's hear it for me! The winner of Anti-Caption Contest 150 (Lee Lorenz's woman confronting man who has a gun to his head) is
"Don't forget to slaughter the children."
Gary Goldsmith
but I managed to score an Honorary Mention with
"M. Night Shyamalan presents The Happening: The New Yorker Cartoon"
Which just goes to show that you can get Dan Radosh's attention even if you're the very last person to post a caption before he announces the winners.

On the other hand, my losing streak at The New Yorker continues with Caption Contest 147 (Jack Ziegler's whale in court), which was won by the excellent though italics-deprived
"Objection, Your Honor! Alleged killer whale."
Will Simon (Brooklyn, NY)
Now New York is within five points of leader state California!

In Caption Contest 149 (Mick Stevens's man with jetpack at door of woman in curlers), the first cut consists of
"Can I borrow your Cessna?"
Michael Embley (Austin, TX)

"Are you sure you're ovulating now?"
Natalie O'Connell (City Island, NY)

"Apparently, American now charges extra for landings."
Steve Hoglund (Auburn, WA)
My loser:
"Emergency blow-dryer man, at your service!"

Caption Contest 151 is here, while Anti-Caption Contest 151 is here.


Here is the current New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest breakdown by state. You can find it all mapped out here.
27 California

22 New York (19 from the Big Apple)

12 New Jersey

6 Massachusetts
6 Pennsylvania
6 Virginia (three from NOVA, two from Richmond, one from Charlottesville)

5 Connecticut (two from New Haven, three not)
5 Illinois (four from Chicago—two captions by Lawrence Wood, two drawings by Leo Cullum)
5 Texas (three from Houston)

4 Georgia (includes two-time winner Carl Gables)
4 Maryland (none named Mary)
4 North Carolina

3 Arizona (two from Tucson)
3 Minnesota (Minneapolis 2, St. Paul 1)
3 Ohio

2 Alaska
2 District of Columbia
2 Florida
2 Michigan
2 Mississippi
2 Missouri
2 New Hampshire
2 Oregon (both named Eric, both from Portland)
2 Rhode Island
2 Utah
2 Vermont

1 Alabama
1 Arkansas
1 Delaware
1 Iowa
1 Kentucky
1 Nevada
1 New Mexico
1 Oklahoma
1 Washington
1 Wisconsin
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Image by David Marc Fischer using Samsung cameraphone