Tuesday, June 03, 2008

WHERE WAS I? My blanks have been filled! Gary, Debbie, and Myra pick up one point each!

And Debbie, Gary, Myra, and Scott can still send in their own photos.
15 Debbie (Gold Medal and Attendance Award plus unredeemed Silver Medal and WWI? and Bronze Medal credits, plus February 2008 WWI? credit and a March 2008 redeemable point; includes two bonus points)
12 Gary (Silver Medal plus three unredeemed WWI? and one unredeemed Silver Medal credits)
12 Myra (includes one unredeemed WWI? credit)
10 Scott (Two Gold Medals plus two unredeemed WWI? credits)
5 Ellen (includes bonus point)
4 Deborah
3 David (Bronze Medal)
2 Daniela
2 Dolph (Bronze Medal)
1 bellj
1 Myron
1 Trapezia
- Luke N. Atmaguchi (has April 2008 redeemable point)

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