Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hey! Look what artist Deborah Grumet and I happened upon the other day, not very far from the Conde Nast building! Could this be the follow-up to the New Yorker's already infamous July 21 cover? It does seem inspired by that old image of Eustace K. Tilley.

Let us know what you know if you have any inside information!


David said...

Hey, this isn't funny. How dare they stereotype John McCain like this? said...

Oh, dear! has it come to this?
It's crazy how people have reacted to that Obama cover! I keep wonder what slight adjustment would have made it a huge hit instead of a huge controversy. On the other hand, perhaps that was the point. It certainly forces one to discuss the ideas about Obama that some people had. Hopefully for the good!

Dan D said...

Surely it's the flag in the fireplace that tipped people into cuckoo-land. People who never "get it" and don't want to do so will give The New Yorker the benefit of the doubt 99% of the time. Add the desecrated flag and you're solidly into 1% territory.