Monday, November 17, 2008

Cartoon Caption/Anti-Caption Contest Coverage Continues

Poor Frank Campanella of New York—nominated twice within a matter of weeks, he again falls short. In Caption Contest 166 (Farley Katz's two "mummies" in bed), which was won by
"No, no—you're the archeologist this time!"
Eric Reid (Natick, MA)
So Massachusetts breaks away from Pennsylvania to claim the sixth-place posiiton. And this is the second win for Natick.

In Caption Contest 168 (Tom Cheney's long arm of food server in restaurant), the nominees are:
"Apparently, even the Fantastic Four can feel the pinch of the recession."
Marlene Goodman (Wheeling, IL)

"Please try not to stare at his disproportionately short right arm."
Chas Kikel (Cleveland Heights, OH)

"The first course has been described as a taste explosion."
Chuck Skeens (Albuquerque, NM)
My loser:
"They promised us some privacy."

In Anti-Caption Contest 168, the winner is
"Remember when you said you couldn't decide between a nice meal out or going to the freak tent at the circus? Well, I've got a surprise for you... I'm fucking your sister."
My loser:
"Do you have a problem eatin' handouts? 'Cause if you think that's
shockin', try Alex Gregory's Japanese restaurant, where the sushi chef is
a squid, and see how that grabs ya!"

The winner of Anti-Caption Contest 169 (Leo Cullum's businessman in serape) is
"The gypsy's enigmatic words, 'You will be haunted by your identical Latino cowboy twin', proved to be prophetic."
My loser:
"Amigo! Did you know that Katz's still has a sign that says 'Send a Salami to Your Boy in the Army'?"

Caption Contest 170 is here. Anti-Caption Contest 170 is here.


Here is the current New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest breakdown by state. You can find it all mapped out here.
29 California

27 New York (23 from the Big Apple)

13 New Jersey

9 Virginia (four from NOVA, two from Richmond, one from Charlottesville, one from Newport News, one from Roanoke)

8 Illinois (six from Chicago, two captions by Lawrence Wood, two drawings by Leo Cullum)

7 Massachusetts

6 Pennsylvania

5 Connecticut (two from New Haven, three not)
5 North Carolina (two from Charlotte)
5 Texas (three from Houston)

4 Arizona (two from Tucson)
4 Georgia (includes two-time winner Carl Gables)
4 Maryland (none named Mary)

3 Minnesota (Minneapolis 2, St. Paul 1)
3 Ohio

2 Alaska
2 District of Columbia
2 Florida
2 Michigan
2 Mississippi
2 Missouri
2 New Hampshire
2 Oregon (both named Eric, both from Portland)
2 Rhode Island
2 Utah
2 Vermont
2 Washington

1 Alabama
1 Arkansas
1 Delaware
1 Iowa
1 Kentucky
1 Louisiana (New Orleans)
1 Nevada
1 New Mexico
1 Oklahoma
1 Wisconsin
Map Introduction

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Satirical "Eustace K. Tilley" illustration realized by Deborah Grumet from concept by David Marc Fischer

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