Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Movies for Cheapskates: Frost/Nixon

What a coincidence: I had just returned from an American Theatre Wing screening of Frost/Nixon (thanks, Myra!) when I noticed that The New York Observer and Universal Pictures are offering NYC screening passes to the flick.

I recommend the movie Frost/Nixon. Sure, some of the production is cliched (it's a Ron Howard-Brian Grazer production), but in many respects it improved on the Broadway version. One helpful addition is a kind of preamble that outlines the scandal and contextualizes the drama. With makeup and cinematography that seems inspired by period photographs, Frank Langella comes across more as Nixon than he did on stage. And it's nice to see former Broadway and Hollywood child star Patty McCormack playing another Pat—Tricky Dick's wife.

It's not hard to find connections between Nixon's attitudes and those of his political descendants in the Bush administration—but you can also make connections between Nixon and Bill Clinton (who eulogized Nixon as a great American). Perhaps the story of Frost/Nixon could apply to any President or world leader or power broker.

Date Thursday, December 4, 2008
Time 7:00PM
Place Uptown

Register here for a chance at the passes.

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Ellen said...

I will never forgive Clinton for that eulogy - a disgraced dead ex-Prez is still a disgrace!