Friday, April 10, 2009

The BAT Challenge: Where Was I? results!

My location has been ascertained to my satisfaction. Kudos to Ellen for swooping for the wind and bagging the bonus to boot! She is now tied with Deborah for the lead.

The current standings:
14 Deborah (includes WWI? credit and Attendance Award and bonus point)
14 Ellen (includes one WWI? credit and bonus point)
12 Myra (includes 2 Attendance Awards, one 3/3/09 photo credit, and an unredeemed Bronze Medal credit)
10 Debbie (Gold Medal and Attendance Award plus unredeemed Silver Medal and Silver Medal and Bronze Medal and WWI? credits, plus February 2008 and November 2008 WWI? credits)
10 Scott (Two Gold Medals plus two unredeemed WWI? credits)
9 Gary (Gold Medal and Silver Medal plus three unredeemed WWI? and one unredeemed Silver Medal and one unredeemed Gold Medal credits)
7 David (Bronze Medal plus Attendance Award)
2 Luke N. Atmaguchi
2 Daniela
2 Dolph (Bronze Medal)
1 bellj
1 Myron
1 Trapezia
Debbie and Deborah and Ellen and Gary and Myra and Scott can send in their own photos—or propose their own BAT challenges!

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