Thursday, May 28, 2009

National Spelling Bee 2009: Round 7

National coverage begins with another ski word: avalement. How does Ramya Auroprem handle it? In a word: swoosh!

Next up: Serena "Ms. Effervescent" Laine-Lobsinger. She gets a word I know—omphaloskepsis—and nails it on the button.

A commentator [Paul Loeffler of ESPN] names Sidharth Chand and Kavya Shivashankar as the favorites.

Here comes Kyle Mou, who ices pogonip.

Dr. Jill Biden (Mrs. VP) is in the audience.

Aishwarya Patapur dispatches deipnosophist.

Please keep track of things here, but don't fail to check out the live chat at A List of Things Thrown Away Five Minutes Ago!

Kennyi "Mr. Jollity" Aouad gets the fairly common scilicet, scilicet namely.

Kavya Shavishankar shows her mettle on hydrargyrum.

Sidharth Chand—a chess player—checkmates Reykjavik (where Bobby Fischer faced Boris Spassky).

Tussah Heera is here—and she seems nervous. She has herniorrhaphy—and I think it's going to be tough for her. Ding—after a significant pause, she left out the second r.

New York's Neetu Chandak gets ophelimity and streaks through it to her great satisfaction!

We now pause for an interview with Kennyi, who really has a great sense of humor.

Anamika Veeramani gets Anasazi and spells it with native intelligence (if you pardon the expression).

Tim Ruiter flies with psittacosis.

It's down to ten, with considerably tougher words probably lurking around the corner.

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