Thursday, May 28, 2009

National Spelling Bee 2009: Round 8

I don't know what Shawn Johnson is doing on this show, but perhaps she can provide insight into what it's like for young people to be so intensely involved in this kind of thing. Nah. She's got some kind of a connection to a bee official.

Ramya Auroprem spits out geusioleptic.

Conchyliated conquers Serena Skye Laine-Lobsinger. And that's it for Florida. Good going, Serena!

Kyle Mou gets lucky, I think, by drawing avoirdupois—and he takes full advantage of the situation.

Aishwarya Pashtapur also draws a fairly common word: tagliatelle. but the definition? "Pasta in the shape of noodles"? Please. Anyway, she slurps it up.

We now pause for the great song "I Put a Spell on You."

Kennyi Aoaud gets teased before tangling with gyascutus—another fabulous creature. Kennyi is sniffling, but the word is certainly nothing to sneeze at. He kind of stumbled through it, but made it.

Kavya "Licorice" Shivashankar
is a huge Nupur Lala fan. She gets a huge Monty Python word: blancmange and swallows it whole.

A shocker: apodyterium strips Sidharth "Super Side" Chand of his chances. Super sad, but he's still a great speller.

Neetu Chandak is back with derriengue, which sounds like a fever that affects the butt. She spells it fast, leaves out an r, and it bites her in the ass. You did the Empire State proud, Neetu!

Anamika Veermani gobbles up simnel.

And here's Tim Ruiter, dancing off with passacaglia—another word I know.

As Tom Bergeron points out, seven spellers remain: four female, three male. Not that it matters.

For blancmange:

Source (9:09)

Source (7:15)

Source (7:02)

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