Monday, March 13, 2006

VOICE SECRET? This is weird. At the Village Voice website, there's an Editor's Note stating that Doug Simmons is no longer Acting Editor and that Ward Harkavy is now Interim Editor. All right, personnel change. What's weird is that it's done sort of Post Secret-style, as a note scribbled on a napkin by Michael Lacey, Executive Editor.

That's right: A note scribbled on a napkin. (And I think it mispells Simmons as Simmins, too.)

Earlier today, Gawker reported that Simmons had been fired but that his ward, Nick Sylvester, was still onboard. Sylvester is officially suspended, but in last week's issue his name was still on the masthead and his byline appeared on a tiny listing.

Previous coverage here.

Photo: David Marc Fischer

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