Monday, March 13, 2006

THE YETI CRAB A friend of Blog About Town drew my attention to a new crustacean discovery. Even though the creature dwells 2300 meters underwater, it bears some resemblance to humans: It was spotted fighting over a piece of shrimp.

I'm sort of surprised by all the attention this critter is getting...but I'm not nearly as surprised as Jonathan Coulton, the bard of Flickr. He's got an interesting post (with interesting Comments) at his blog.

If you're into the sea life thing, consider seeing IMAX Deep Sea 3D. Many of the critters--sharks, corals, jellyfish, sea turtles--are the same depicted in Finding Nemo. (I have a feeling that's no coincidence.) The underwater imagery is very powerful, so much so that it more than compensates for the clich├ęd narration.

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